3M Littmann Master Classic II Stethoscope is yet another high-end manufacture by 3M Littman. Available in oodles of colors and sizes, the Master Classic II Stethoscope is a blend of quality and design. It fuses the unbeatable ergonomic design along with the outstanding acoustic sensitivity. Also, the high-end product from 3M Littmann promises reliability and assures superior quality. No wonder, hearing through this excellent device would give you an all-new learning experience. Be it resilience, or dependability, 3M Littmann Master Classic II Stethoscope is a perfect answer to your needs. It’s comfortable to carry and convenient to use.

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Highly efficient

Especially committed in producing the best patient outcomes, this stethoscope delivers unprecedented efficiency. Also, the diaphragm and the bell are fitted into a single-sided Master chest-piece adding to the preciseness. So, from now on, you would no longer need to remove the chest piece from the patient and manually transform from bell to diaphragm sides.

Experience clear sound

Littmann Master Classic II

Also, the crystal clear heart and breath sounds let you learn a lot more. Additionally, it’s a perfect choice during clinical internships and clerkships. Littmann, being the leader for years, has kept in mind its reputation and thus crafted out an award-winning device for anyone in the medical profession. Well, you might be wondering what makes it so distinguished among rest. It’s the brilliant acoustics, letting you hear exactly what you want and filtering the noise from the environmental noise, that’s so special in this immaculate device. Also, its great sturdiness and flexibility makes it a must- buy.Once you use this product, be sure that you would not be able to find any other alternative. The earpieces are so comfortable and it does not hurt the ears at all. You can audibly hear the vitals, the heart tines, the breath sounds, and the bowel sounds even in ambulance. A great value for money, this stethoscope stands second to none. Investing in this device would give you immense benefit.

Widely popular apparatus

This product is being used by millions of medical professionals across the globe caring for their career. Offering unparallel value and consistently top-notch quality, using the Littmann Stethoscope shows your high commitment to your profession. No wonder, it lays the path for your success. The Master Classic II stethoscope is also being widely used by students to detect, perceive and examine the lung, heart and other body sounds for physical diagnosis and evaluation. Made in USA, the Master Classic II stethoscope is a complete device with large, supple and robust ear-tips.

Highly durable and pliant

Also, it is extremely convenient to carry around and you can simply shove it any way. Not to worry! The stethoscope is alcohol and oil-resistant and highly resilient. To play its environment friendly part, the high-quality stethoscope with excellent finishing is free from phthalate plasticizers. Also, it no longer contains natural rubber latex to pose threat to the sensitive patients as well as medical professionals. All the more, the device does not burrow into your ears as you can easily adjust the headset tension for comfort according to head size.