3M Littmann Cardiology III Stethoscope is brought in the market for the clinicians and is aptly tailored for them to address their need for the brilliant acoustic performance fused with unmatched versatility. Surely, the product is designed outstandingly to make you satisfied and happy with it and get the clear sound of even the murmurs and stuff. The product is exactly as convenient to use as described.  The innovative design of the equipment offers a tunable diaphragm on either side of the chest

The tunable diaphragm offers preciseness


Being one of the most purchased and recognized stethoscopes in the medical profession, the 3M Littmann Cardiology  Stethoscope features the tunable diaphragms on both the sides in order to provide exceptional acoustic performance, convenience and outstanding diagnostic versatility for treating the pediatric and adult patients. The diaphragms enable in crisp hearing of high and low frequency sounds. Tailored to ooze out excellence, the “two tubes in one design” eradicates noise artifact that can be created by the tubes rubbing together. The tunable diaphragm technology aids the clinicians in perceiving sounds of varying frequency by simply regulating the pressure on the chest piece. Just hold the chest piece with supple pressure to perceive the low frequency sounds, while a harder press would fetch you the sounds with higher frequency.

Brilliant color choices

cardiology 3 stethoscope

Available in a wide assortment of amazing colors, carrying this stethoscope gives a smart feeling. Also, you would love to flaunt the flawless design of the equipment by hanging it around your neck. This Stethoscope is the perfect choice by the medical professionals who are dedicated to their profession and aim to receive the best patient results. No wonder, the Littmann Stethoscope offers outstanding performance and wearing it signals your commitment to your practice and also personal success.


Highly resilient

The pliant next-era tubing maintains its suppleness and shape even when you hold it tightly or fold it in your pocket.  So you can jostle it into any space and in any folds without having to worry about its longevity. What’s more, the high-end stethoscope has improved resistance to alcohol and oil. Also, it is less likely to pick up greases. Also, the skilled professionals of the brand, while crafting the product, have kept into consideration the sustainability aspect. The product by 3 M Littmann is environment- and human health friendly as the tubing does not contain phthalate plasticizers.  More so, the cutting edge manufacture from 3M Littmann is not crafted out of natural rubber latex, which makes it safe for the sensitive medical practitioners as well as their patients.

3M Littmann Cardiology III Stethoscope Ear-friendly earpieces

You would also find the soft earpieces to be comfortable. The sound would appear to be clear without making you feel like it is burrowing into your head. The soft-sealing ear-tips make it a perfect fit for the ears of any shape. They snap firmly onto the ends of the ear-tubes. You would love the adaptability of the Product by being able to change from adult to pediatric simply by revolving the twig of the chest piece. Truly, the impeccable quality of this Stethoscope make it distinguished among the wide array of other such 3M Littmann Cardiology III Stethoscope